Hope’s Story…


ProjectPAWS.org was created in memory of my “Hope”, a tiny black Chihuahua found in really rough shape. That’s her in our logo and a re-creation of her actual clay paw print.

She came into the county shelter on the euthanasia list, but the staff fell in love with her. She needed a lot of care and they were desperately seeking a foster for her. It was then that I agreed to step in.

Odds were not in Hope’s favor as she had many ailments including, but not limited to: ticks, skin wounds and ultimately, the diagnosis that claimed her life…distemper. Despite two negative tests, Hope succumbed to that terrible disease.

Not much was known about her days before arriving at the shelter, but she was a sweetheart. X-rays showed a tummy filled with what the emergency clinic doctors thought was dirt that she had been eating out of hunger ;(

For weeks, she accompanied me to the animal clinic I managed and at times, to the emergency clinic for more critical overnight care, transfusions and so much more.

While we could not save Hope, she was loved by many and in such a short amount of time. We were able to raise more money than I ever dreamed possible to attempt life saving medical treatments. All we wanted was for this little girl to have a chance at playing in the grass and enjoy being a puppy. She never got that chance, but she didn’t pass away in a shelter cage either.

Hope crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on August 4, 2011.

It took me quite a lot of time to come back to starting this organization as it was truly heart wrenching for me to lose Hope. But we will never forget her. A wonderful friend (and fellow animal lover) created this beautiful scrapbook page for Hope. Let’s strive to add many more stories (with happier endings) to a new virtual scrapbook that will be available on ProjectPAWS.org in the near future!

And another for Destiny, an incredibly sweet Chihuahua who also passed away.

Now in a position to use my nearly twelve years of veterinary experience coupled with five years of blogging experience, I have a new vision for ProjectPAWS.org and that vision will likely continue to evolve.

  1. Initially, the site will begin by working as a knowledge base and strive to become an all-in-one resource for pet owners. We’ll leave the individualized medical advice to your veterinarian, but you’ll find all sorts of interesting and fun articles, links to the best pet sites on the web, recipes, new product reviews, giveaways, etc. to start driving traffic to the site.
  2. We’ll be featuring Petfinder, a fully searchable database for adoptable animals specifically located in shelters and with rescues. Petfinder is how I found my dog Ryleigh 🙂
  3. We’ll be working on directories for everything from AAHA accredited veterinarians to pet sitters, emergency clinics to dog parks and more. Eventually, we’ll incorporate an iPhone app with “near-to-me technology” so you can more quickly find what you are looking for.
  4. We’ll then begin to help pets through the power of social networking and through a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  5. Fundraising will then come into the equation via affiliate sales from Amazon, through custom designed toys, treats, jewelry and accessories. These sales will allow us to assist select non-profits with targeted fundraising efforts. You’ll get to help chooose the non-profits AND see the fundraising progress.
  6. I’d also like to help fund some passion projects such as donating Pet Oxygen Masks to fire departments, for training service dogs and animals in medical need through organizations such as Barn Sanctuary.
  7. We’ll work on developing a program near and dear to me that I am thinking of calling Pita’s Pantry which will provide food & essentials for pets of the homeless, low income families and shelters in honor of Milo, a Jack Russell Terrier who I came to know & love many years ago.
  8. There will eventually be opportunities for you to collaborate with ProjectPAWS.org should you so desire, so stay tuned…

While all of this is in progress, what we need right now is a really passionate TRIBE that I call HOPE’s Army.

Please subscribe for updates as the site is built out over the next few months.