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Meet Lotus, the Giant Maine Coon Cat Who is Taking Over the Internet!


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Meet Lotus. I first came across Lotus’ Instagram when I saw a viral post going around on Facebook (this has been going on for awhile now) and I immediately fell in love! When I worked at the animal clinic, it was rare to see this breed but everyone went crazy over them when we did.

At first glance, you may ask yourself if this is even real and the answer is yes – this absolutely majestical creature is 100% real.

A few fun facts about Maine Coon cats:

  • The Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds and one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. Known as the “gentle giants” of the cat world with ears reminiscent of a Lynx and a lion-like mane.
  • The Maine Coon is specifically native to the state of Maine and is the official state cat. It’s appearance is rather magical and it’s hard to believe it’s real, considering its size.
  • A fully grown Maine Coon can weigh up to 18 lbs for a male and about 12 lbs for a female and grow over 3 ft long! They are considered the dogs of the cat world 🙂
  • They come in over 75 different color combinations.
  • Maine Coons don’t typically “meow;” they chirp and trill (a mixture of a meow and a purr). I’ll have to track down some audio of this!
  • According to Marty Becker, DVM, the Maine Coon is thought to be the result of breeding between domestic shorthair cats and longhair cats that hitched a ride to America on European settlers’ ships. Only the strongest and fittest could survive the harsh New England winters, and to this day Maine Coons are known as hearty working cats with excellent hunting skills.
  • They Like Water — Most Maine Coons enjoy the water and have water-resistant fur, making them quite good swimmers.
  • The first American cat show was held in New York City in 1895. The winner was a brown tabby Maine Coon cat named Cosey, who belonged to Mrs. E. N. Barker.

Meet Lotus

You’ll want to be sure to follow this Instagram account with over 294,000 followers! Lotus, a current resident of Sweden, is by far the most impressive cat I have ever seen.



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How much fun would it be to cuddle on the couch with this furbaby?



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Here are few questions the Internet is asking Google about Maine Coon Cats:

Do Maine Coon’s Shed A Lot?

Just like other cats, Maine Coon cats do shed hair. Since they have so much fur, you can expect to see a bit more shedding. Some Maine Coon cats shed often and it helps to brush them regularly to prevent matting and hairballs.

How Expensive Is A Maine Coon Cat?

If you’re thinking of adding a Maine Coon cat to your family, be warned — they’re expensive. The average price for is $1,000.

How Long Does A Maine Coon Cat Live?

Corduroy, three time Guinness World Records Oldest Living Cat passed away in October, 2016 at age 27 human years.

Do Maine Coons Have Health Issues?

According to Embrace Health Insurance, there are some Health Issues Common to Maine Coon. They include hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia and spinal muscular atrophy. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the most common form of heart disease in cats, and it has been diagnosed in Maine Coons.

I could share facts and photos of these cats all day. Again, be sure to head on over to Instagram to meet Lotus. Just LOOK at that tail!


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Michele Stott March 4, 2021 at 7:59 pm

I have been watching a really want to get a Maine Coon but no one can tell me I would love a large one like the one you share. The size and beauty amazes me but I don’t think the ones I find for sale get large. Is there a particular question I ask the breeders? Tia

Aimee Stock March 5, 2021 at 8:46 am

Hi Michele, I would definitely research breeders or even go on Instagram to contact owners of Maine Coons in an effort to locate what you are looking for. There are so many personal account such as the one we wrote about, Lotus that I think you could direct message a few to get some advice. I also did a quick search called “Giant Maine Coon Cat Breeders” and many come up. I hope this helps! 🙂


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