New Adoption Checklist

Aimee Stock
[boc_heading html_element=”h4″ color=””]You’re considering adopting a new pet, but before you do…here are just a few things to consider for a smooth transition.[/boc_heading]
  • Are there other pets in your home and if so, how will they react to a new addition?
  • Is your home suited for a new pet and have you puppy (or kitten) proofed both the house and the yard?
  • Do you have the necessary time to spend with your pet around work and other obligations? Who will ultimately be responsible for caring for your pet during the day?
  • Are you (or anyone in your home) allergic to pets?
  • Have you researched what breed best suits your family? Are you looking for a hiking buddy or a lap dog? Do you have children? Kitten or adult cat?
  • If you are considering a young puppy, it will take time, consistency and patience to train.
  • Also consider the size of the pet. Puppies don’t stay puppies forever. Larger and more energetic dogs will require a yard and/or sufficient play time to avoid inappropriate behavior.
  • Are you prepared for the financial responsibility of pet ownership? Food & treats, vet visits (both routine and emergency), licenses, collars and leashes, microchipping, training, etc.
  • If you ever have to travel, is there a responsible friend, relative or pet sitter you trust with the care of your furry friend?
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